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Rakhi Sawant Husband Ritesh Mystery



Rakhi Sawant

Nowadays Rakhi Sawant is seen in ‘Big Boss 14’. A mystery related to Rakhi’s personal life has come into the discussion again. That secret of Rakhi Sawant wedding Rakhi still claims that she is married, but no one has seen her husband nor Rakhi has ever appeared with her husband. Even in the house of the Big Boss, Rakhi several times mentioned that she is married, but her husband lives abroad. Amid all this news and talk, Rakhi Sawant’s husband, whom no one has seen to date, has come in front of everyone.

Rakhi’s husband Ritesh, a UK based businessman, has not only come out to everyone but has also openly discussed his marriage and Big Boss. In a conversation with the Times of India, Ritesh answered every question that every fan of Rakhi would like to know.

Speaking to the website, Ritesh said, “I have not yet come across everyone because of my selfish motive.” I was selfish that I kept my marriage with Rakhi hidden till now, it was my fault. I used to think that if I picked up my identity and marriage with Rakhi, it would affect my shares because of false rumors. But now through this interview, I want to say that Rakhi has come into my life by marrying me and did a favor for me. I and my family can never repay Rakhi’s favor. She has truly been a true companion and wife. 

She understands every situation I told her to keep our marriage hidden, she supported me on this matter. I am proud of Rakhi, I am thankful that she respected my point. But now I have got a chance, I have decided that I will come in front of everyone and show my identity. Now I am not worried about the advantages and disadvantages, I want to tell everyone about my marriage ‘.

Ritesh has also expressed his resentment by commenting on the respect of Rakhi of Bigg Boss 14 contestant Nikki Tamboli. He said that I can do a case against Nikki but I will not because that is a game show where people often say such things. 

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